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Life science research needs are not one-size-fits-all; neither are our products. Our Custom and Bulk reagents provide the flexibility to take an existing catalog product and modify formulation, packaging, dispensing, or documented quality assurance specifications and testing, or to provide solutions at large volume.

Custom Reagents Stands for

    • Custom product preparation to meet your terms
    • Lyophilization
    • Custom vialing/dispensing, packaging, or labeling
    • Custom quality control qualifications to meet your assay QC and certification need

Bulk Product Supply Stands for

    • Single lot sourcing
    • Volume pricing for high-throughput studies
    • Modified packaging to put up automated workflows
    • Supply of critical reagent in bulk when used at high frequency

Following are few reagents which we are supplying in Bulk packages

    • Fastract Direct PCR Kit®
    • G9 Taq DNA Polymerase
    • Hi- G9 Taq DNA polymerase
    • SARP Stain Protein Dye
    • RNA Later
    • ECL Reagents
    • Bulk Oligo
    • 100bp DNA Step Ladder
    • 1kb DNA Step Ladder
    • Super Stain Nucleic Acid Gel Stain
    • GSure® DNA Isolation Kit
    • GSure® Ultra Nucleic Acid Isolation Kit
    • GLyse® Protein Extraction Reagents

We are the future of growth!! OEM & Bulk Reagents

GCC believes that every OEM and custom supply companion has unique needs. To support you from discovery to commercialization, GCC is one step ahead

    • Strong product range—
      thermo-stable polymerase, glycerol-free enzymes, custom product configurations
    • Reliable manufacturing capabilities—
      ISO 9001: 2008, state-of-the-art facilities, comprehensive QC system
    • Skilled technical & customer support—
      continuous assay & workflow improvements
Our devoted manufacturing, packaging, QCA, and business development specialists stand ready to assist. Find out how our technologies and logistics can ensure your success: submit an online inquiry today.

Bulk OEM

Cat. No#
Pack Size
 Reagents for PCR  
GBC101G9 Taq polymerase100000UPOR
GBC102G9 Taq polymerase100000U X 5POR
GBC103G9 Taq polymerase100000U X 20POR
GBC104M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase, Rnase H minus50000U X 10POR
GBC105M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase,Rnase H minus50000U X 50POR
 Reagents for qPCR  
GBQ1012X Fluoro green H-eff qPCR master mix,Rox, 5ml1.25ml X 4POR
GBQ1022X Fluoro green H-eff qPCR master mix, Rox, 10ml1.25ml X 8POR
GBQ1032X Fluoro green H-eff qPCR master mix, Rox, 25ml5ml X 5POR
GBQ1042X Fluoro green H-eff qPCR master mix, Rox, 50ml10ml X 5POR
GBQ1052X Fluoro green H-eff qPCR master mix, Rox, 100ml10ml X 10POR
 Running Buffer  
GS1001GPure TBE Buffer, 10X1L X 10POR
GS1002GPure TBE Buffer, 10X1L X 20POR
GS1003GPure TBE Buffer, 1X1L X 20POR
GS1004GPure TAE Buffer, 10X1L X 10POR
GS1005GPure TAE Buffer, 25X1L X 5POR
GS1006GPure TAE Buffer, 40X1L X 5POR
GS1007GPure TAE Buffer, 1X1L X 20POR
GS2001GRegular TBE Buffer 1X5LPOR
GS2002GRegular TBE Buffer, 1X1L X 20POR
GS2003GRegular TBE Buffer 10X5LPOR
GS2004GRegular TBE Buffer, 10X1L X 10POR
GS2005GRegular TBE Buffer,10X1L X 20POR
GS2006GRegular TBE Buffer 10X5L X 5POR
GS3006GRegular PBS Buffer pH 7.2, 1X1L X 20POR
GS3006GRegular PBS Buffer pH 7.210X1L X 10POR
GS4001GRegular TBS Buffer pH 7.4, 1X1L X 20POR
GS4002GRegular TBS Buffer pH 7.410X1L X 10POR
GS5001GRegular Nuclease free water50ml X 20POR
GS5002GRegular Nuclease free water50ml X 50POR
GS5003GRegular Nuclease free water1LX 20POR
GS6001GRegular DEPC- treated water100ml X 50POR
GS6002GRegular DEPC-treated wa1L X 20POR
GR7111GRegular Rnase ZIP200 ml X 5POR
GR46482GRegular RNA Later1LPOR

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