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Our Agarose offers exceptional clarity and resolution, ensuring accurate analysis


Introducing our High Gel Agarose products, meticulously engineered to meet the demands of precise nucleic acid separation in molecular biology laboratories. With a focus on quality and performance, our High Gel Agarose offers exceptional clarity and resolution, ensuring accurate analysis of DNA fragments across a wide range of sizes. Formulated using ultra-pure agarose, our products provide superior gel strength and minimal background noise, enabling researchers to achieve reliable and reproducible results in various electrophoresis applications. Whether performing routine DNA fragment analysis, PCR product purification, or nucleic acid isolation, our High Gel Agarose delivers consistent performance and unmatched clarity. Supplied in convenient packaging options and with rigorous quality control measures in place, our products guarantee reliability, purity, and consistency for every experiment. Trusted by researchers worldwide, our High Gel Agarose is the ideal choice for achieving precise and reliable nucleic acid separation, setting a new standard in gel electrophoresis excellence.

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G4651High Gel Agarose NEW, MB grade (DNA&RNA free)100 gmView More
G4652High Gel Agarose NEW, MB grade (DNA&RNA free)500 gmView More
G4653High Gel Agarose NEW, MB grade (DNA&RNA free)1 k gmView More
G4655ISSR Agarose25 gmView More
G4656ISSR Agarose100 gmView More
G4657ISSR Agarose500 gmView More
G4658STR Agarose25 gmView More
G4660STR Agarose500 gmView More
G4650LM25LMP Agarose25 gmView More
G4650LM50LMP Agarose50 gmView More
G4650LM100LMP Agarose100 gmView More

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