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GSure DNA isolation kit delivers high amount of DNA from minimum amount of sample source.


GSure DNA isolation kit delivers high amount of DNA from minimum amount of sample source. Purified DNA is free of protein and any sort of contamination. This kit provides a simple and convenient technique to isolate high-quality DNA from fresh or pre stored samples. GSure kit combines the advantages of a silica-based system with a microspin format. The buffers of each type of GSure DNA Isolation Kit are designed in such a way, they can deliver maximum yield from the corresponding sample types. Buffers of each individual isolation kit are such formulated that can isolate and purify genomic and plasmid DNA from wide variety of sample types, including tissue, cells, blood, serum, plants, fungi, algae, stool, urin, sputum and forensic samples. Sample preparation is the most crucial factor for better yield. Extracted DNA always maintains the absorbance ratio of 260nm/280nm between 1.78-1.82, explaining the quality of the isolated DNA.

Select your products depending on desired application and sample types
GR1007SRNA Cleanup kit20 PrepsView More
GR1007RNA Cleanup kit50 PrepView More
G46481DRNA Later5 ML X 20View More
G46481ARNA Later50 MLView More
G46481RNA Later100 MLView More
G46482RNA Later500 MLView More
G46481BRNA Later1 LView More
G7111RNase Zip200 MLView More
G7111ARNase Zip200 MLX 2View More
G7111BRNase Zip200 MLX 6View More
G30Hi-Pure DEPC-treated Water100 ML X4View More
G31Hi-Pure DEPC-treated Water1 LView More
G31AHi-Pure DEPC-treated Water5 X 1LView More
G7196Ultra Pure DEPC Treated Water1 ML X 5View More
G7196AUltra Pure DEPC Treated Water25 MLView More
G4762DEPC (Di-ethyl Pyrocarbonate)50 MLView More
G4762ADEPC (Di-ethyl Pyrocarbonate)100 MLView More
GCR-30RNA grade Nuclease free water50 ML X 2View More
GCR-31RNA grade Nuclease free water50 ML X 5View More
GCR-51M Tris.HCl (pH8) (Nuclease free)100 MLView More
GCR-610mM Tris.HCl buffer (pH8) (Nuclease free)100 MLView More
G4706TE Buffer 10mM (Nuclease free)100 MLView More
G4707TE Buffer 100mM (Nuclease free)100 MLView More
GCR-D4Formaldehyde500 MLView More
G47053M Sodium Accetate, (pH-5.2) MB grade100 MLView More

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