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RNA Biology

RNA Extraction & Purification Reagents

GSure DNA isolation kit delivers high amount of DNA from minimum amount of sample source.

RNA Extraction & Purification Reagents

Our RNA Extraction & Purification Reagents offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products designed to support efficient and reliable isolation and purification of RNA from various sample types, including tissues, cells, blood, swabs, and plants. These reagents are formulated with optimized protocols for rapid lysis and effective RNA recovery, ensuring maximum yields of pure and intact RNA for a variety of research and diagnostic applications. The user-friendly workflows integrate seamlessly into lab processes and are suitable for manual or automated methods, streamlining high-throughput workflows. Our reagents prioritize safety and environmental responsibility by utilizing non-toxic, eco-friendly components. They are compatible with a wide range of downstream applications, such as RT-PCR, qPCR, RNA sequencing, and more. Our RNA Extraction & Purification Reagents provide reliable and consistent results, making them an essential choice for researchers and diagnostic labs working in molecular biology and related fields.

Select your products depending on desired application and sample types
G31CTrizin RNA Extraction Reagent100 MLView More
G31DTrizin RNA Extraction Reagent200 MLView More
GCR-49SWater Saturated Phenol pH 6.6100 MLView More
GCR-49LWater Saturated Phenol pH 6.6200 MLView More
GCR-32Phenol Chloroform IAA,(pH4.5 ; 25:24:1)100 MLView More
GCR-32LPhenol Chloroform IAA,(pH4.5 ; 25:24:1)200 MLView More

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