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RNA Biology

Gel Loading Dye & Electrophoresis Buffer

GSure DNA isolation kit delivers high amount of DNA from minimum amount of sample source.

Gel Loading Dye & Electrophoresis Buffer

Gel loading dye and electrophoresis buffer are essential components in the process of gel electrophoresis, a fundamental technique used in molecular biology for the separation and analysis of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) or proteins based on their size and charge. Gel loading dye is a mixture containing tracking dyes and a density agent, which makes it easier to monitor the progress of electrophoresis and facilitates the loading of samples into the gel wells. The dyes provide visual markers during electrophoresis, indicating the leading edge of the separation, while the density agent helps the sample sink into the wells. Similarly, Electrophoresis buffer, such as TAE (Tris-acetate-EDTA) or TBE (Tris-borate-EDTA), provides the necessary ions and maintain a stable pH during electrophoresis. This ensures consistent and efficient movement of the nucleic acids or proteins through the gel matrix. Proper selection and use of gel-loading dye and electrophoresis buffer contribute to the successful separation and analysis of biomolecules for research and diagnostic applications.

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GCR-A32X Riboload RNA Gel loading dye1 ML X 5View More
GCR-B32X Riboload RNA Gel loading dye1 MLView More
GCR-C410X MOPS Buffer5000 MLView More
GCR-C4A10X MOPS Buffer1000 MLView More
GCR-E3A1X MOPS Buffer5 L X 2View More
GCR-E31X MOPS Buffer1 LView More

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